Civic Center Master Plan

2020-0904 Master Plan Concept (Final)


The Project site encompasses approximately 12.9 acres in the central, downtown area of the City of Moorpark in Ventura County, California. The Project site is located west of Moorpark Avenue/Walnut Canyon Road (State Route [SR] 23). Portions of the Project site are located on the north and south sides of West High Street. The Project site currently contains a mix of land uses associated with the existing Civic Center, including city hall, a community center/active adult center, a city library, portable structures, parking areas, and vacant undeveloped areas within the western portion of the Project site. The location and limits of the Project site are depicted in Exhibit 1, Regional Location and Exhibit 2, Local Vicinity.  

The Project would consist of the phased development of a new City Civic Center within the Project site. The Project would include the following phases:

  • During Phase 1, a new 18,000 square foot (sf) library with outdoor plaza would be constructed. The existing city hall would be re-purposed as 5,085 sf of office space, and the existing community center would remain as an active adult center. The existing library would be removed at the end of this phase once the library is moved to the new facility.
  • During Phase 2, the west commercial site would be developed with approximately 13,000 sf of commercial uses, which would also include the development of a public park as part of that development.
  • During Phase 3, the north site residential area would be developed with approximately 75 units at 25 du/acre. Phase 3 would include the removal of the existing city hall and community center/active adult center buildings.
  • During Phase 4, a new 22,000 sf city hall and mercado would be constructed.

Library - Phase 1

New Library Architectural Rendering 0523

Project Location
Step 2 (Environmental Analysis)

Draft Library Plans 

  • Architectural Plans (Pending)
  • Architectural Color Renderings (Pending) 

Environmental Review 

Notice of Availability (NOA)

The City of Moorpark has prepared an Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Moorpark Civic Center Master Plan Project (State Clearinghouse No. 2022050175) to address the potential environmental effects associated with the implementation of the project. Pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21165 and the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines (CEQA Guidelines) Section 15050, the City of Moorpark is the lead agency for the project.

The DEIR was available for a 45-day public review from May 22, 2023 to July 6, 2023.

 Past Meetings

Upcoming Hearings

  • Planning Commission (2024 date pending) 

City Contacts

Project Planner
Shanna Farley
Principal Planner
(805) 517-6236 

Project Applicant
Jessica Sandifer
Deputy Director Parks and Recreation Director, City of Moorpark
(805) 517-6225