Beltramo Ranch 

Beltramo 3D Elevations Model Units


On June 4, 2021, an application was submitted to change the land use designation of 7.4 acres of land at the southeast corner of Los Angeles Avenue and Beltramo Ranch Road from Park, High Density Residential, and Low Density Residential to High Density Residential.  The application includes a request for a General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Development Agreement, Tentative Vesting Tract Map, and Residential Planned Development for the development of 47 single-family detached residences and programmed open space.  Additional project information and upcoming process timelines will be added to this page in the future. The Project was approved by City Council on July 20, 2022.  The Ordinance associated with the Project was heard for second reading by the City Council on September 7, 2022.  The Project is therefore approved.  

For more information about this project or to be included in future meeting announcements, please contact Shanna Farley, Principal Planner, (805) 517-6236 or

Site Plan

Site Plan

Aerial Map

Betramo Ranch Aerial


Step 4 - Approved

Beltramo 3D Elevations Near Park

Environmental Review 

Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) has been prepared to analyze any potentially significant environment impacts.  On May 13, 2022, the Draft MND was published for public review, which was available until June 13, 2022 for public comment. The public comment period for the Draft MND is now closed. 

Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

On June 28, 2022, the proposed Final MND was considered by the Planning Commission. The City Council considered the Final MND on July 20, 2022 and adopted the Final MND. 




Project Planner
Shanna Farley
Principal Planner
(805) 517-6236 

Project Applicant
Joe Oftelie
(714) 557-5511