Status Reports

Quarterly Report to City Council (Previously the Bimonthly Report to City Council)

The Community Development Department provides the city manager with a Quarterly Activity Report, which is included in the Quarterly Report to the City Council. The Community Development Department Section of the Quarterly Report to the City Council provides a description and location of all projects currently being processed or reviewed by the department, and provides an updated status of activity during the quarter.

Quarterly Status Report 

The Quarterly Status Report is updated four times a year (January, April, July, and October) and provides information on the entitlement applications that are currently being processed by the City.  The quarterly report provides information on the Entitlement Case Numbers, the current status (i.e. in process, approved, under construction), the type and size of the project, and applicant contact information. The report also includes an index number that may be used to find the location on the Development Project Locations Map. The report is available for viewing by downloading it as an Adobe Acrobat document.