Public Officials

City Council

Planning Commission

  • Leanne Alva
  • Chris Barrett
  • Jeff Brodsly
  • Kipp Landis
  • Bruce Rokos

 Parks and Recreation Commission

  • George Estrella
  • Jason Flame
  • Dylan Gunning
  • Chuong Ho
  • Steve Morgan

Arts Commission

  • Charles Blaugrund
  • Tania De Haz
  • Rose Hoberg 
  • Carol Roullard
  • Kim Simons

Moorpark City Library Board of Trustees

  • Sandra Banks
  • Michelle Barrett
  • Laura Burnett
  • Linda Goble
  • Chaya Turrow

City Manager

  •  Troy Brown

Assistant City Manager

City Attorney

  • Kevin Ennis

City Treasurer/Finance Director 

Parks and Recreation Director

Community Development Director

City Engineer/Public Works Director

Ventura County Sheriff´s Department

Ventura County Fire Protection District

  • Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen