Residential Trash Service

SB 1383 requires all residents to subscribe to regular collection services for trash, recycling, and organics (yard waste and food waste). Residents must separate their recycling materials and organic materials from the trash. Below, you will find information on subscribing or changing your service levels, sorting materials, and contacting the City of Moorpark’s residential waste hauler, Waste Management.Residential_Truck Exterior SB1383_Sky

Service Rates

Moorpark residents are billed bi-monthly, during odd-numbered months. Service charges will vary based on the size and quantity of trash carts you subscribe to. Click the following link for a full listing of the 2022-23 solid waste service rates.

If you have any questions about your service or wish to start service or make changes, please contact Waste Management at (805) 522-9400 or (800) 675-1171.

Discounted rates for seniors (62 years and older) and smaller (or fewer) bins are also available by contacting Waste Management and showing proof of eligibility.

Residents who choose to opt out of regular trash collection service provided by Waste Management may apply for a residential self-haul waiver.

Residential Carts

Residential cart lids are color-coded based on what goes inside them and are available in multiple sizes:

  • Green Organics; available in 64 and 96 gallons
  • Blue Recycling; available in 32, 64, 96 gallons
  • Gray Trash; available in 64 and 96 gallons

Organics Including Food Waste - Green Cart

Effective January 1, 2022, residents can place organic waste (including compostable kitchen scraps) along with yard trimmings into the GREEN organics bin. To make sorting, processing, and recycling as efficient as possible, Waste Management requests that residents refrain from bagging yard waste such as branches, grass clippings, leaves, etc. However, food scraps such as eggshells, coffee grounds, meat, etc. are required to be bagged in a paper, plastic, or light-colored plastic bag (NO black bags) and placed into the organics cart with the yard waste. Please see the specific requirements below to find out what organic waste is accepted.

Place all yard waste materials directly into the cart. Bag all food scraps in a plastic bag or paper bag before placing in the organics cart with the yard waste.

Tips for proper separation of materials:

  • Pour out liquids before disposing containers.
  • Scrape out any remaining food.
  • Wipe out oily or sticky residue.
  • Keep paper items clean and dry.
  • Place food soiled paper in the organics cart.

Recycling - Blue Cart

Place all recyclable materials directly into the cart. Plastic bags are not accepted in the recycle. Please DO NOT dispose of hazardous, electronic, universal, organic, or solid waste in this cart.

Tips for proper separation of materials:

  • Pour out liquids before disposing containers.
  • Remove any spoiled food from containers and place food in the organics cart and any non-recyclable container in the trash.
  • No hazardous or electronic waste.
  • Food soiled paper such as greasy pizza boxes go in the organics cart.

Turn your recyclables into cash! Use the CalRecycle search tools to find CRV Redemption Centers and retailers that offer In-Store CRV Redemption near Moorpark.

Trash - Gray Cart

Bag all trash materials and place them in the trash cart. The trash cart is for household trash. Please DO NOT dispose of hazardous, electronic, universal, recycling, or organic waste in this cart.

For additional information, please click on photo depicted below.

Residential Carts

When Is My Trash Collection Day?

To check your trash collection day, set up, or change your service, visit the Waste Management website for Moorpark residents and type in your address. Collection takes place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on any day of the week, except for Sunday.

Holiday Schedule

Regularly scheduled collection services occurring on a holiday during the week will resume the following day after the holiday. Services scheduled for weekends will proceed as planned.

Collection services will not be scheduled on the following days:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Bulky Waste/Item Pick-up

Residential customers are entitled to two bulky item pick-ups per calendar year with up to three items collected per pick-up at no extra charge.  Items will be collected on the customer's regular collection day or a scheduled appointment day. 

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas tree recycling starts December 26 and resumes for two weeks. Please remove all tinsel, stands, garland, etc., and position the tree beside your recycling cart.

Alternatively, Christmas trees can be taken to one of the two TreeCycle bins during the same two weeks, situated on Marquette Street and Park Crest Lane. Please note that these bins cannot accept trees treated with fire retardant; such trees should be disposed of in the trash.  Residents can also take their tree to the Simi Valley Landfill.

Lastly, Moorpark residents can place up to three (3) large bags or their equivalent of extra trash alongside their solid waste carts for two collection days, or two weeks, after Christmas.

Free Landfill Days

Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center invites local residents to several Free Landfill Days offered throughout the year. 

For additional information, including the service and fee schedule for the Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center, please click here.