1. Active Adult Center Information

    See how to join other active adults through the center.

  2. ADA Grievance Policy

    This policy provides a procedure to be followed to respond to individuals, or a specific class of individuals, who believe they have been subject to discrimination on the basis of disability by the City, not including employment related discrimination complaints.

  3. City Municipal Code

    Read the Moorpark Municipal Code.

  4. Conflict of Interest Code

    Read the Conflict of Interest Code.

  5. Elected Official Information

    Find out who the city's elected officials are and learn more about them.

  6. Housing Information

    Locate information for available property and housing options within the city.

  7. Library Information

    Find out information about library services and programs.

  8. Moorpark Demographics

    Access information about the city's population, income, education, housing options, and more.

  9. Municipal Improvement Projects

    Know what streets are being worked on and read updates on project statuses.

  10. Parks, Recreation & Community Services

    Browse the services provided to residents from the Parks and Recreation Department.

  11. Recreation Programs

    Participate in the various recreation programs available.

  12. Recycling Information

    Find out what can and cannot be recycled as well as where to dispose of various recyclable materials.

  13. Solid Waste Information

    Find out how and where to dispose of waste and other materials.

  14. Transportation Information

    Learn about the available transportation services in the City of Moorpark.

  15. Utility Companies

    Locate local utility companies contact information.

  16. Volunteer Information

    Find out about volunteer opportunities for the City of Moorpark.

  17. Zoning Information

    View zoning maps and information.