Active Adult Center

Senior Services

Active Adult Center
The Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department is responsible for administering and coordinating the city´s Active Adult Center, which provides ongoing programs and services, as well as special activities, for individuals 55 years of age or older. The Active Adult Center is managed by one full-time Senior Center Supervisor.

Staff & Activities

The Active Adult Center has one full-time staff member, a part-time kitchen aide, and a large number of volunteers to provide and/or coordinate ongoing services and activities, including:
  • Free health screenings
  • Information and referral services
  • Dance and exercise classes
  • Special interest classes (photography, arts, and crafts)
  • Education classes
  • Monthly birthday luncheons
  • Movie/video screenings
  • Bingo and drop-in bridge


The center publishes a monthly newsletter featuring a calendar of events and activities. Additionally, the center provides both onsite congregate and home-delivered meals that are served weekdays at the Active Adult Center.

The city receives a grant from the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging to provide this program. In previous years, this program was operated by the County of Ventura.

Special Events

The Active Adult Center will be closed on
May 29th Memorial Day 

Hearing Loss Presentation & Screening 

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, nearly 50 million Americans experience hearing loss between the ages of 65 to 74? And the number increases by 50% for people over the age of 75. Ellen Baker AuD of Decibel Hearing services will help you understand what hearing loss is, what causes it, and how it can affect people and their lives. She will also discuss what can be done to relieve it or manage it. Identifying and addressing hearing loss early brings many benefits, from enhancing your quality of life, to helping protect against several health consequences linked to unaddressed hearing loss. Ellen will also provide a hearing screening to individuals in attendance. Call 517-6261 to make a reservation for the presentation and screening.

Date: Thursday, May 11

Time: 1:00 p.m.


DVD Lecture Series: How to Boost Your Energy

 Energy is something we all seek as we get older. Lifestyle and environmental stressors contribute to energy deficits. Dr. Kimberly Bethany Bonura will explore how we can restore our vitality and energy and why baby-boomers are the fastest growing consumers of energy drinks. In this lecture series, Dr. Bonura will explain how sleep deprivation, how we breath, your work, the people in your life, your diet and your environment have a direct impact on your physical and mental energy. In “How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy” DVD lecture series, Dr. Bonura will explore this topic and discuss how we can improve our physical and mental energy.  

Date: Mondays

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Mother's Day Celebration  

Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day with some live entertainment and a delicious lunch. Guitarist Phil Mercurio will take you on a musical journey with music from various genres including Rock & Roll of the 50’s & 60’s and everything in between. Don’t miss out on the fun and special prizes that will be made available to attending mother’s. Space is limited, so call 517-6261 to make a reservation.   

Date: Friday, May 12
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Suggested Donation: $3.00 (60 yrs. +) 
Lunch Cost: $6.75 (Under 60 yrs.)

Community Forum 

Moorpark Active Adult Center (AAC) staff will host a forum where participants will have an opportunity to engage with staff about programs and services currently being offered at the center. We’re interested to hear your ideas about current offerings, future programming and services you’d like to see at our center. As part of this event, staff will provide a brief overview on how the Moorpark AAC operates. Staff welcomes your AAC related questions, comments or suggestions. To attend, call the Moorpark Active Adult Center at 805-517-6261 to make a reservation.

Date: Thursday, May 25
Time: 2:00 p.m.

May Birthday Luncheon 

Join us as Allen Bradley performs classic crooner music from the 40’s and 50’s from greats like Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. The Senior Nutrition Program is partially funded by Older American Act funds granted by the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging. This valuable service is sustained with the help of your contributions. No recipient will be denied service because of their inability to donate the suggested amount.

Date: Wednesday, May 31
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Suggested Donation: $3.00 (60 yrs. +)
Lunch Cost: $6.75 (Under 60 yrs.)


Please print out the application and mail the completed form to:

Active Adult Center
City of Moorpark
799 Moorpark Avenue
Moorpark CA 93021