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Moorpark City Library is pleased to offer Chromebook checkout service to patrons. Patrons are be able to access information resources, library printer, the Internet and other provided software. Chromebooks can be checked out at the circulation desk and are to be used inside the building only.


  • The library circulates the Chromebook and power cord if needed; no earphones, external keyboards, external mice, external hard drives, or any other devices will be provided.
  • Patrons may use any personal device that uses a USB connection, including a keyboard, mouse and USB flash drives.

Borrowing Guidelines

  • Chromebooks may only be checked out by a patron with a library card in good standing.
  • Parents will be required to check out Chromebooks for children under the age of 13.
  • Chromebooks can be checked out for 60 minutes at a time and can be extended if there is no demand.
  • Chromebooks check out for in-library use only. Chromebook removal from library grounds will be considered theft. 
  • The Chromebook and associated accessories must be returned to Library staff at the service desk after use and no later than 30 minutes prior to library closing on the day of check out.
  • If the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrower will be responsible for replacement costs up to $645.00. Damage fees vary.

Library Responsibilities

  • The Library is not responsible for damage to any removable drive (i.e. CD or flash drive) or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.
  • The Library is not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to or from user storage devices. The library Chromebook is using current anti-virus software, but cannot guarantee protection against all viruses. The library does not assume responsibility for lost or corrupted files for any reason, such as hardware failure or network interruptions.  Users wishing to save files they have created must back them up to USB drives or personal internet based accounts. All created files will be wiped clean after a session ends by software that is in use on the Chromebook.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any damage to Library users’ personal devices, software, files, and/or equipment. Tampering with Library equipment or attempting to access or modify the operating system or any other software or programming, including bypassing security functions, is prohibited.