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  1. Contests

    Prizes will be awarded to the best submissions in each category! In addition, we hope to turn these submissions into a “Community Cookbook” for everyone to enjoy!

    Drawing for Best Recipes: We want to see your favorite recipes to make on the Fourth of July! Recipes can include main dishes, appetizers & snacks, and desserts. Submit a photo of the dish and the recipe for us to share with the community! Recipes can also be typed in the field below if you prefer. Winners will be drawn at random.

    Most Patriotic Décor: How does your family decorate to show off their patriotic spirit? Decorations in the yard? Chalked driveways? Window displays? Submit a photo of your decorated home for us to share with the community!

  2. 4th of July Event Flyer
  3. Who can participate?
    Moorpark residents (including those within the Moorpark Unified School District boundaries) can submit their photos and share in the fun!
  4. What are the guidelines?
    Pictures should include your family’s décor and/or favorite recipe! One submission per category please.
    • Décor should be appropriate for a family audience.
    • Be sure to include the recipe and name for your favorite dish!

    Pictures must be submitted by Monday, July 6, to be included!

  5. Disclaimer
    By participating and uploading my pictures and other documents, I give the City of Moorpark permission to use said documents including my still photography, likeness, images, media, and/or voice recordings of my child(ren) and me participating in City-sponsored recreation programs for the purpose of publicizing or promoting said programs. The City of Moorpark reserves the right to exclude certain pictures. Reasons for exclusion include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Decorations or clothing that displays offensive pictures or statements, conveys political views, contains overt advertisements, or is otherwise determined to be inappropriate for a family audience. (2) Files that exceed data limits.
  6. (Max. one decor entry per household)
  7. (Max. one dish entry per household)
  8. Type your recipe here, unless your recipe is already in the picture.
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