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SB 1 Project Area - Moorpark College

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SB 1 LogoEverybody wants value for what they pay for.  Passed in 2017 and becoming effective in November of that year, Senate Bill No. SB 1 increased funding for streets and roads projects throughout California by increasing fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees on California drivers.  The funds raised are used to help local and state governments address a $73 billion backlog on local street and road maintenance and a $72 billion backlog on the state’s highway system, which includes Los Angeles Avenue here in Moorpark and the 23 and 118 Freeways that run through the City.

The $250,000 in SB 1 funding received during Fiscal Year 2017-18 was spent on road maintenance in the vicinity of Moorpark College.  The City expects to receive $611,000 during Fiscal Year 2018-19.  On April 18, 2018, the City Council committed to using these new funds to complete general maintenance in the downtown area between Spring Road and Moorpark Avenue, north of Los Angeles Avenue, and south of Wicks Road.  Projects will include pavement maintenance/repairs and repairs to adjacent facilities such as sidewalks.  Performing this sort of maintenance on roads preserves the pavement and is less expensive and less disruptive than having to do major reconstruction of roads if the pavement fails.

Sidewalk Repair Crew in Downtown Moorpark

SB 1 Accountability

Accountability for the use of funds is a top priority for the State of California, who has developed an interactive website listing and mapping projects funded by SB 1 taxes and fees.  Check out the website at:

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