Planning is responsible for the administration of the General Plan, Specific Plans, the Zoning Ordinance, compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and assistance to the public and the development community in meeting development requirements.

The Planning Division has planners to assist you. For general planning questions, visit the public counter at 799 Moorpark Avenue, Monday through Thursday and alternating Fridays.  Walk-in service is open until 1:00 p.m. and appointments are required after 1:00 p.m. Please contact Sara Durghalli, Assistant Planner, at (805) 517-6258 to schedule an appointment and visit for detailed operating hours. 

Planning Commission

The department serves as staff to the five-member, City Council appointed, Planning Commission. The commission is responsible for development reviews of various entitlement requests and advises the City Council on matters related to the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, capital improvement programs, and community development. The commission also acts as the Historical Preservation Commission, advising the City Council on matters regarding building preservation and preservation of other historical features.


For each application that is filed, a case planner is assigned. If you do not know who the case planner is for a particular application please consult the Permit Monitor listed on the Community Development Department status reports. Questions regarding an application should be addressed to the case planner. Email, as well as phone numbers, for each case planner are listed in the Community Development Department staff directory. For questions regarding your application / project, please contact the case planner either in person, or by phone, or email.

Notice of Receipt of Entitlement Application (NOREA)

A Notice of Receipt of Entitlement Application (NOREA) is created for every entitlement application submitted to the Planning Division.  All NOREAs for the calendar year can be viewed here.

Business Registrations and Home Occupations

Information about the City's Business Registration program and Home Occupation Permits can be found here.

Learn About Moorpark's Development Review Process

Click here to learn about Moorpark's Development Review Process and how you can actively participate.