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  3. Check the box below to acknowledge the Zip Books Program Rules and Guidelines. Failure to adhere to the rules and guidelines of the Zip Books Program may result in the loss of Zip Books borrowing privileges.

    1. Patron must have a Moorpark City Library card in good standing.
    2. Requested items must be $50 or less pre-tax for books, $75 for audiobooks, and foreign language books.
    3. A Zip Books order cannot be placed for a book already in our library collection. However, a different format of a library-owned book may be purchased, i.e., in audiobook or large-type format.
    4. Two Zip requests can be made at one time. When books are returned, new requests may be made. A total of five requests per month may be made.
    5. Patrons must return Zip Books to library staff at the Circulation Desk. Do not use the book return slot or outside book drops.
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