Should I hire a contractor?
Hiring a contractor will depend on how comfortable you are with doing your own project. A contractor can be hired to do part or all of the work. Hiring a contractor might cost a little bit more but you will not have to do the work and you are hiring someone who should know how to do the job and often can finish the job sooner. If you do hire a contractor we suggest you:
  • Get several bids; do not always just go with the cheapest
  • Make sure the bids include the cost of plan checking and permit issuance
  • Call the contractor’s State License Board (800) 321-CSLB and verify the license is in good standing
  • Check the status of the contractor’s bond
  • Verify that their worker’s compensation policy is current
  • Ask for and check references
  • For further information we have free booklets at the Building and Safety Division

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