Policy 6.18: Moorpark City Library Circulation

The following policy governs the terms by which materials may be borrowed from the Moorpark City Library (Library).

1. Library Card Registration

Any person residing in California may borrow materials free of charge from the Library.  Cardholders are responsible for all material checked out on their card.

The Moorpark City Library Card application may be revised from time to time.  Changes will be submitted by the City Librarian and reviewed and approved by the City Representative before changes are implemented.  Library Card applications shall be made available in both English and Spanish.

Library Cards for Adults.  Any person 18 years of age or older applying for a Library card must show proof of identity and residence.  Post office boxes are acceptable as mailing addresses; however, proof of residence is required to obtain a card.  Acceptable identification may be any of the following:

A. California driver’s license

B. California identification card

C. Check imprinted with name and address

D. Official mail (postmarked with current address)

E. Current bill imprinted with name and address

F. Current monthly rent receipt

G. Tax payment receipt

Restricted Temporary Library Cards for Teenagers without Parental or Legal Guardian Signature.  Patrons 12 years of age through 17 years of age are classified as teenagers in this policy.  Teenagers do not need a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature to get a restricted, temporary, one-time use card; however, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application in person, in the presence of Library staff, for the teenager to obtain their permanent card, which allows continued checkout of material, use of the public computers, and the ability to check out media (DVDs, CDs etc.).  In order to obtain a temporary, one-time use card, the teenager must be a Moorpark resident or attend a Moorpark School.  To obtain their temporary card, the teenager must present a picture ID verifying residency or attendance at a Moorpark school.  The temporary, one-time use card allows teenagers to check out two written material items only.  Library staff will provide the teenager with a letter for their parent or legal guardian which explains the temporary card.  

Library Cards for Children.  All children are eligible to become a library cardholder with the understanding that the child’s parent or legal guardian agrees to take responsibility for maintaining the child’s account in good standing.  Good standing includes the return of materials borrowed on the account, and resolving any associated late fees, item damage, or any other charges. 

The signature of a parent or legal guardian, in person at the Library, is required on applications of children under 12 years of age and for permanent library cards for youth ages 12 through 17. 

Once the library card application is signed, the cardholder agrees to follow the rules and regulations of the Library.  New cardholders are limited to borrowing two items on the first day the card is used.  When those items are returned, the cardholder may borrow with full privileges as long as their account is in good standing.

2. Confidentiality of Library Records

California State law (Government Code, Title I, Division 7, Chapter 3.5, Sections 6254 (j) and 6267) protects the confidentiality of library patrons.  Library staff will always operate in a manner that conforms to the requirements of the law in the handling of cardholder records and accounts.  According to this statute, Library staff may not release information to any other party regarding any item borrowed by any other person, including information released to a parent or legal guardian regarding what items their child has checked out. 

As permitted by the above-cited statute, Library staff may release information on a cardholder’s account to a third party if the cardholder has provided a written notice allowing the third party access to the cardholder’s account information.  A cardholder may authorize another party to pick up and check out materials by sending his or her library card along with the written request or notice with the third party. Cardholders may elect to associate their Library card account with that of another cardholder for purposes of learning what items are checked out on the associated card, to receive notice that the associated card has fees, or to pick up holds. The request to associate cards must be made in person at the Library, both cardholders must be present to associate cards, and both cardholders must have their library cards with them. Requests for another patron to pick up holds without an authorized association noted on the account will not be honored. 

Demographic information may be gathered in order to plan Library services. This information is used anonymously and is not disclosed in any way that would identify the person registering.  All information provided on the registration form is protected by the statute cited above.

3. Non-Resident Cardholders

Persons residing outside of the State of California may obtain a Library card by paying a non-resident fee as determined by resolution of the City Council.  Payment of this fee will entitle the cardholder to the same borrowing privileges enjoyed by all other Library card holders.

4. Loan Periods

The Moorpark City Library Fine and Fee Schedule is available online at moorparklibrary.org and at the Library Circulation Desk, and includes the loan periods. For purposes of this policy, new bestseller material shall remain in that category no longer than three (3) months.

Materials checked out at Moorpark City Library that belong to other consortium libraries shall follow the lending policy of the owning library, not the Moorpark City Library lending policy. Cardholders may review their accounts online or phone the library to check loan periods or renewal capability.

Reference materials must be used in the Library and are not available for checkout. These materials may be loaned to other libraries for in-library use only.

5. Renewals

All Moorpark Library items will auto-renew one time for the standard loan period for the item unless the item is on hold for another cardholder. At the completion of the renewal period, Cardholders must return the item to the library to avoid incurring late fees.

6. Number of Items per Library Card

Reference the Moorpark City Library Fine and Fee Schedule for details regarding borrowing limitations and fines and fees.

7. Holds and Suggestions for Purchase

Holds may be placed to reserve items by completing a hold request form on the online catalog. Cardholders will be notified via e-mail or by phone when items are available. Items will be held for one week from the date of notification to the cardholder.

Items not owned by the Moorpark Library may be requested from other consortium libraries through the shared library catalog. Library cardholders are also welcome to fill out a "Suggestion for Purchase" form, available at the library or on-line at the library website. A librarian will review each of these suggestions.

8. Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Material

Cardholders assume full responsibility for the return of materials, in good condition, on or before the due date noted on the receipt provided at check out. Fees accrue for each day the Library is open. Fees vary by item type.

There are two outside item return bins; one for books and one for media (CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, etc.). Patrons are advised to return media to the circulation desk or place media in the media designated book drop. Patrons will be charged for media materials that have been damaged from being returned in the book drop marked for books..

Library cardholders assume full responsibility for loss or damage to materials they check out. Damage includes, but is not limited to, stained and/or torn covers or pages, writing in or on materials, liquid damage, missing pages, missing pieces, scratched discs, and dirty or damaged cases or damaged parts. Charges for materials lost or damaged beyond repair will be the price shown in the Library’s automated catalog, either the actual cost or a default cost for the type of item plus a processing fee (reference the Moorpark City Library Fine and Fee Schedule), and accrued overdue fees (if applicable). In the cases of unusual circumstances, it will be left to the City Librarian under direction of the City Representative to assess charges for lost or damaged materials other than as specified by the Moorpark City Library Fine and Fee Schedule.

In lieu of paying for a lost item, a cardholder may replace the lost material with like material of equal or greater quality if the replacement item fulfills collection development criteria. The City Librarian has final authority to determine the acceptability of the substitute item. The cardholder is still responsible for the processing fee and any overdue fees accrued. Charges for damaged materials that can be repaired will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the City Librarian under the direction of the City Representative.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to return borrowed items on time. Overdue notification is done as a courtesy only. Overdue items are considered lost 30 days after the due date and applicable fees will be assessed. If an item has been determined lost and the patron has paid the required fee, but is able to locate and return the item in good condition within 30 days of paying the lost item fee, a refund for the cost of the lost item will be processed. No refunds for lost items will be processed after 30 days have passed. Cardholders are advised to keep check out receipts and verify item due dates on their online account as they are responsible for all fees whether or not they receive a courtesy notice.

If approved by the City Representative, Cardholder accounts with fees totaling $5.00 or more will be suspended and blocked from further use until fees are paid. In financial hardship cases, the City Librarian may work with the cardholder to provide an alternate payment plan and will note such arrangements on the cardholder record for tracking purposes.

9. Recovering Overdue Materials

The Library sends courtesy overdue notices to a cardholder, via email or text message, 14 days after an item is due. At 28 days after the item is due, a second notice and bill is sent to the cardholder requesting that either: 1) the item be returned and fees paid; or 2) the cardholder can pay the cost of the item, which shall be identified as lost, plus a processing fee established by Resolution of the City Council. At 14 days following the second notice, delinquent accounts with a value of over $50.00 shall be referred by the City to a collection agency.