Property Tax Information

The City reports property tax figures on a fiscal year basis (from July to June).  These annual summaries provide year-over-year comparisons of property tax revenues, median home prices, home sales, and the most valuable properties in Moorpark.

Person using calculator with house in backgroundAnnual Property Tax Reports

Where Do My Property Taxes Go?

Your 1% base property taxes in Moorpark fund multiple government services, including the Moorpark Unified School District (33.49%), the Ventura County General Fund (17.06%), and the Ventura County Fire Department (16.40%).  The portion of your property taxes that go to the City, which includes the Moorpark Police Department, is 9.08%.

So, if you are being taxed on a $500,000 home value, you will pay $5,000 in base property taxes.  Of that, only $454 will go toward City services including the Moorpark Police Department, City streets and road maintenance, public parks, the public library, and other City services.  The remaining $4,546 will go toward other governmental services as shown below.

Property Tax Distribution Chart