Draw Your Map



On-Line Mapping Tool

The public is invited to use an interactive on-line mapping tool to draw your own district map and submit it for consideration.  The tool allows you to draw districts using census blocks, just like professional demographers, and it will instantly show you the demographics of your boundaries.  Please refer to the Quick Start Guide Instructions below before visiting the online mapping tool.

Se invita al público a utilizar una herramienta cartográfica interactiva en línea para dibujar su propio mapa del distrito y enviarlo para su consideración.  La herramienta le permite dibujar distritos usando bloques censales, al igual que los demógrafos profesionales, y le mostrará instantáneamente la demografía de sus límites. Consulte las instrucciones de la Guía de inicio rápido a continuación antes de visitar la herramienta de mapas en línea.

Paper Mapping Tools

You may also print out a paper map using the tools below.  The City has hired a demographer, who has split up the City into "population units" that generally conform to neighborhood boundaries.  Once you've completed a paper map, please submit it to the City either via mail, personal delivery, or via the email address provided below.

The Excel spreadsheets will calculate the population and demographics for your proposed districts automatically.  For example, if you want to include population unit numbers 1-5 in one district, the spreadsheet will tell you the total number of people in that district.

If you want to see exactly where the various Population Unit boundaries are located, or if you have difficulty reading the small print on the 8.5×11 PDF files, you can use this interactive map to zoom in and out on the Population Unit boundaries, and switch back and forth between PopUnit ID number labels and total population labels. It works like Google Maps, except you use check-boxes to choose what layers and labels you want to see on the map. 

Once they are released, the Draft Maps will also appear as layer options on this same map.

Submit Your Map

You may submit your paper maps through either of the following:

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