Proposed Route Adjustments

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the Moorpark City Council considered changes to Moorpark City Transit Route 1 and Route 2 bus service.  The proposed changes are intended to streamline the existing service in order to operate the buses in a more consistent and efficient manner, based on ridership trends.  The staff report can be found here.

The City Council approved the proposed changes, with direction to staff to evaluate alternatives for Christian Barrett Drive. Staff is currently working with its consultant to complete the proposed route changes, including timetables.  Once completed, the routes, along with the overall Transit Plan will be presented to the City Council.  Prior to the City Council meeting, the updated routes and timetable will be provided to the public for comment.  Please note that any proposed changes (if approved) would not go into effect until July or August of 2017, after additional public outreach occurs.  For additional questions or comments, please call 805-517-6257 or submit an email to  

Para obtener más información en español, haga clic aquí.

New Route Concept

The proposed New Route Concept is detailed here.  Streets that would no longer be serviced are:

  • Arroyo DriveProposed Transit Route Concept
  • Christian Barrett Drive
  • Condor Drive
  • Countrywood Drive
  • Mission Bell Plaza
  • Moorpark Marketplace
  • Mountain Meadows Drive
  • Mountain Street (south and west of Tierra Rejada Road)
  • Patriot Drive
  • Second Street
  • Spring Road (between Los Angeles Avenue and Peach Hill Road)
  • Walnut Creek Road

The New Route Concept was initially presented to the Moorpark City Council on October 19 for consideration, among other route alternatives.  The following links are provided for additional background:

Route schedules (timetables) will not be developed until after the City selects the route maps.  To view the City's current route maps and timetables, please click here.

Take a Survey - Share Your Feedback

The City is now seeking input on the selected New Route Concept.  Please complete a brief survey to share your feedback.  Comments are requested by November 14, 2016, in order for staff to consider all comments prior to the City Council meeting on December 7.

Additional Information

For additional information, please call (805) 517-6257.

Si usted tiene pregunates relacionadas con esta propuesta, haga clic aquí o comuníquese por favor con Kat Valencia con el Departemento de Obras Públicas, al telefono (805) 517-6256.