Our Arroyo Ecosystem

A public art project entitled, Our Arroyo Ecosystem, has been completed at Arroyo Vista Community Park. Anne Mudge, fine artist specializing in mosaics, was commissioned by the City of Moorpark to design and install the interpretive art project at the park which includes colored concrete to mimic the Arroyo and beautiful mosaic pieces depicting the life that abounds in the ecosystem.       About the Arroyo    Western Tiger Swallowtail    Great Blue Heron    Least Bell’s Vireo    Arroyo Willow    Willow Leaf Gall Sawfly    Long Tailed Weasel    Bobcat    Ringtail    Water Borne Diseases    Golden Eagle    Coast Live Oak    Baja California Treefrog    Louisiana Red Swamp Crayfish    Coast Horned Lizard  California Toad

Treasure Map

  1. About the Arroyo
  2. Western Tiger Swallowtail
  3. Great Blue Heron
  4. Least Bell's Vireo
  5. Arroyo Willow
  6. Willow Leaf Gall Sawfly
  7. Long Tailed Weasel
  8. Bobcat
  9. Ringtail
  10. Water Borne Diseases
  11. Golden Eagle
  12. Coast Live Oak
  13. Baja California Treefrog
  14. Louisiana Red Swamp Crayfish
  15. Coast Horned Lizard
  16. California Toad