Population, Income, Education, & Housing

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Life can be this good in Moorpark!  Learn about Moorpark and see how we compare to all of Ventura County in the tables below or by downloading Moorpark's 2019 Local Profile, prepared by the Southern California Association of Governments.

Moorpark (2018)
Ventura County (2018)
Population: 37,044
Population: 859,073
Households: 11,092Households: 273,672
Median Age: 37.7 Years Old
Median Age: 37.5 Years Old
Income & Employment 
Moorpark (2018)
Ventura County (2018)
Median Household Income: $102,145
Median Household Income: $81,972
Average Salary per Job: $56,141Average Salary per Job: $54,770
Moorpark (2018)Ventura County (2018)
K-12 Public School Students: 6,374K-12 Public School Students: 140,926
High School Graduate or Above: 88.4%High School Graduate or Above: 83.4% 
Bachelor´s Degree or Higher: 39.7% Bachelor´s Degree or Higher: 32.0%  
Race / Ethnicity 
Moorpark (2018)Ventura County (2018)
Non-Hispanic White: 55.8%
Hispanic or Latino: 31.9%
Non-Hispanic Asian: 7.3%
Non-Hispanic Black: 1.4%
Non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.2%
Non-Hispanic Other: 3.4%
Non-Hispanic White: 46.1%
Hispanic or Latino: 42.3%
Non-Hispanic Asian: 7.0%
Non-Hispanic Black: 1.6%
Non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.3%
Non-Hispanic Other: 2.7%
Moorpark (2018)Ventura County (2018)
Median Home Sales Price: $675,000Median Home Sales Price: $583,000
Average Household Size: 3.3 peopleAverage Household Size: 3.1 people
Owner-Occupied: 74.9%Owner-Occupied: 52.4%
Renter-Occupied: 25.1%Renter-Occupied: 47.6%