Water Conservation

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Water is an indispensable resource that many of us take for granted. While safe and reliable drinking water in Moorpark is provided by the Ventura County Waterworks District 1, we all play a part in preserving this critical resource.

What You Can Do To Conserve Water

Simple actions indoors and outdoors can have a big impact:

By taking these steps now we can do our part in helping to extend our existing water supplies and delay or avoid greater restrictions in the future.  Visit the resources below for more information and tips on conserving water.

Community Resources

  • Ventura County Waterworks - Water Conservation - Resources and tips from our local water purveyor.
  • BeWaterWise.com - Information on water conservation rebates (residential and commercial), grants, landscape classes, and water-wise garden inspiration.
  • SaveOurWater.com - The statewide Save Our Water campaign provides simple ways for everyone to reduce water use in their everyday lives.
  • California Water Watch - Department of Water Resources website that allows Californians to see their local water conditions in real time.
  • Calscape.org - Learn what plants are native to your location.  Conserve water, make gardening more successful, and avoid wasting time and money trying to grow plants where they’re not inclined to grow.
  • Ventura County Master Gardeners - The Ventura County Master Gardeners are a volunteer group of horticulture experts who are available to provide helpful answers to gardening questions. They also hold seminars at various locations throughout the county. They are a great resource for those who are trying to create a water wise garden or landscape at their home.
  • Water Conservation - Read about the City´s water conservation efforts.
  • Water Wise Gardening - This website provides assistance with selecting drought-tolerant plants for your yard.

City of Moorpark Drought Action Plan

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Pollutant Prevention

Issues with surface water quality can threaten the well-being of our ecosystems, wildlife, and public health at local beaches. The City of Moorpark makes it a priority to prevent pollutants from entering storm drains which lead to waterways such as creeks, bays, and the ocean.