Energy Conservation

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Energy Provision:

California’s ambitious climate goals require energy utility providers to transition to renewable energy sources by 2045.  In Moorpark this transition is being managed by the City’s two energy providers: Clean Power Alliance and Southern California Edison.

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is the non-profit default electricity provider for over 30 public agencies in Southern California, including Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and the City of Moorpark.  CPA serves as the electricity generation provider, while Southern California Edison (SCE) provides power transmission, distribution, and billing services.

How It WorksClean Power Alliance Energy Distribution

By default, Moorpark residents and businesses are customers of CPA’s “Clean Power” energy plan which delivers over 50% clean power.  However, Moorpark customers also have other options including:

  • “Green Power”: 100% clean energy, but at a higher cost
  • “Lean Power”: a lower cost/less renewable energy option
  • Opting out of CPA and purchasing energy from SCE

Find out more about CPA and your energy options on the CPA website and see answers to common questions on the CPA Frequently Asked Questions page.

Southern California Edison (SCE) is the private, investor-owned electric company serving our region, providing electricity to customers who choose to opt-out of CPA.  SCE also serves as the power transmission and distribution provider, oversees line maintenance and repair, and manages billing and payments for Moorpark customers of both SCE and CPA.  More information about SCE’s services is available at

Time-of-Use Transition

State law requires most residential customers to transition to Time-Of-Use (TOU) rates by 2022. TOU rates are based on the time of day and season and are designed to encourage customers to use more energy during daylight hours, when solar-generated energy is more abundant, and reduce the demand on the electric grid in the evenings.  CPA and SCE are currently working with customers to manage the transition.  For more information visit