City Council Appointments

General Information

The City of Moorpark encourages citizens to take an active interest in their community. Three Commissions and one Board advise the City Council on policy issues before the Council makes its final decisions.  The City of Moorpark also has a Teen Council and makes citizen appointments to other agency advisory committees.  All citizen appointees are a critical part of local government. You can make a difference in your community and take a leadership role by volunteering to serve on a City commission, board, Teen Council, or other regional agency citizen advisory committee representing the City of Moorpark.

On or before December 31 of each year, the City of Moorpark prepares an appointments list of all regular and ongoing boards, commissions, and committees which are appointed by the City Council.  This list is known as the Local Appointments List.

The list contains:  (a) A list of all appointive terms which will expire during the next calendar year, with the name of the incumbent appointee, the date of appointment, the date the term expires, and the necessary qualifications for the position; and (b) A list of all boards, commissions, and committees whose members serve at the pleasure of City Council, and the necessary qualifications for each position.

Advisory Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Teen Council, with a description of their responsibilities:

Contact the City Clerk if you are interested in being placed on a list for future recruitment for citizen appointments 805-517-6223 or by email.

Tips on increasing your chances of being appointed

  • Fill out a separate form for each board or commission in which you are interested. It is to your advantage to tailor each application to the specific board or commission for which you are applying. Emphasize different aspects of your background to match those needed for a particular board or commission.
  • Emphasize your talents. Clearly indicate how your particular talents, skills, training, or experience will benefit the board or commission for which you wish to be considered. Be ready to discuss the skills or talent you would bring to a specific board or commission.
  • Become familiar with the appropriate board or commission. Attend meetings, and review videos, agendas, and reports available on the City’s website.
Appointment Process 

During October and November of even-numbered years, the City of Moorpark solicits applications from persons interested in serving on a Commission.  The Library Board recruitment is typically conducted in April and May for an appointment year beginning July 1.  Interviews for Commissioners and Board members are conducted by the full City Council and each application is carefully reviewed before an appointment is made. Terms of office for the Commissions expire on December 31 of even numbered years with the exception that a term may be extended until the new appointment is made.  Terms of office for the Library Board end on June 30 on a staggered three-year schedule.  The Teen Council is appointed for a one-year term beginning July 1 and ending June 30, and recruitment is typically conducted in April and May of each year.

Terms of Office

The terms of office for the City’s Commissions are two years. The City’s Library Board has staggered three-year terms, and the Teen Council has one-year terms.  Terms for other citizen appointments vary based on other agency established appointment requirements.

Residency Requirements to Serve

With very few exceptions, applicants must live within the geographic boundaries of the City. The Arts Commission requires residency within the City’s Area of Interest, Moorpark Unified School District boundaries, or an appointee must be a business owner within the City. If you have a question of whether or not you qualify, contact the City Clerk's office at 805-517-6223 or by email.


Commission requirements vary.  Most appointments require that the applicant be a resident of the City of Moorpark and a registered voter (Teen Council does not have a registered voter requirement). The Arts Commission requires residency within the City’s Area of Interest, Moorpark Unified School District boundaries, or must be a business owner within the City.  Sign up to receive notice of citizen appointment opportunities (see links at the end of this website information section), and we will send you the recruitment information for each selected appointment interest, including preferred skills or knowledge for each appointment.  A genuine interest in serving the community is the principal requisite for service.


Commission and Board members receive a meeting stipend.  The Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commissioners receive $100 per meeting, and the Arts Commission and Library Board members receive $50 per meeting.  Maximum compensation amounts for the Commissions and Board appointees have been established by the City Council.  Other citizen appointees may receive mileage or travel expense reimbursement if traveling outside the City of Moorpark on approved City of Moorpark business, with the exception of those citizen appointees who receive meeting attendance compensation from another agency.

Meeting Time and Place

Most City Commission and Board meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall located at 799 Moorpark Avenue. Most Commissions meet once a month, with the exception of the Arts Commission, which has a quarterly regular meeting schedule.  The Teen Council meets at the City’s Arroyo Vista Recreation Center, and the meeting schedule is approved by the Teen Council at the beginning of the appointment year.

Personal Finances and Reporting Requirements

All public officials, including commissioners and board members, must file annual conflict of interest forms with the City Clerk's office as required by State law. Those forms are public records which are available to the public upon request. The forms require disclosure of information about income, business and property interests in the community, gifts, and related information.

Ethics Training

State law requires elected officials and public officials, including Commission and Board members receiving compensation, to have two hours of ethics training every two years. The City Clerk arranges this training in February of every odd numbered year for all Commission and Board members to achieve compliance with the law.  Online training is also available.

Additional Information

Contact the City Clerk for information about citizen appointments at 805-517-6223 or by email.