Park Maintenance / Improvement

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The Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Kids Playing on Playground EquipmentDepartment is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the grounds, equipment, and facilities of city parks
  • Coordinating the design and construction of park improvements
  • Planning future parks


The City of Moorpark currently maintains 19 park sites, which includes the Veterans Memorial Park, (approximately 160 acres) including:


Park maintenance routinely provides for the upkeep of various soccer, baseball, and multipurpose fields, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, picnic pavilions and tables, play equipment, and restrooms.

Property Assessment

In Fiscal Year 1999-2000, a property assessment was approved for the maintenance and improvement of parks. The assessment fund activities are deemed to provide special benefits to the residents of Moorpark. The city’s general fund pays for activities of general benefit.