Specific Plans

The City of Moorpark has a number of specific plans in various stages of completion. Listed here in are all of the specific plans approved or submitted in the city. For more information regarding a specific plan, please contact the case planner.

Carlsberg Specific Plan

This approved and largely constructed specific plan is located on approximately 500 acres in the southeastern portion of the city, bounded generally by the Arroyo Simi and New Los Angeles Avenue on the north, Spring Road on the west, Tierra Rejada Road on the south, and State Highway 23 on the east. The plan includes 534 single-family homes on both sides of Miller Parkway, north of Tierra Rejada Road. The northerly portion of the site, along New Los Angeles Avenue, consists of 40 acres for commercial use, which includes the 29 acre Moorpark Marketplace. South of the Moorpark Marketplace, there are 33 acres for office / business park use, currently being developed as the Patriot Commerce Center. There is a 29 acre school and seven acres for institutional use. For additional information on this specific plan, please contact Joseph Fiss at 805-517-6226.

Moorpark Highlands - Specific Plan Two

The approved Moorpark Highlands Specific Plan includes up to 450 single-family residential lots and one multi-family neighborhood proposed for up to 102 units, on property located north of Charles Street, along the extension of Spring Road, east of Walnut Canyon Road (SR-23), and west of Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park. The project permanently preserves 169 acres of land in a Habitat Conservation Plan, providing open space that enhances the habitat within 94 of those acres,and provides multi-use trails for access to these areas by the public. The project also includes a seven acre park and reserves land for State Route 23 and North Hills Parkway, a potential bypass route for State Highway 118, as well as an extension of Spring Road to Walnut Canyon Road. For additional information on this specific plan, please contact Joseph Fiss at 805-517-6226

Hitch Ranch - Specific Plan One

A request is currently in process for a 281 acre specific plan that would include development of up to 620 dwelling units and three acres of institutional use, located north of the Union Pacific Railroad, west of Walnut Canyon Road (Highway 23), and generally east of Gabbert Road. For additional information on this specific plan, please contact Joseph Fiss at 805-517-6226

Downtown Specific Plan

The Downtown Specific Plan area is located in the center of the city limits and contains High Street as its core. Also included in the specific plan area are other parts of Old Town Moorpark, including the residential neighborhood north of High Street, the railroad right of way south of High Street and the properties along Moorpark Avenue north of Los Angeles Avenue. The Downtown Specific Plan furthers the vision for the overall revitalization of the downtown and implements design standards, guidelines, and a strategy for business attraction and development of the city owned parcels in the downtown. For additional information on this specific plan, please contact Joseph Fiss at 805-517-6226

Arroyo Simi Trail Study

The Arroyo Simi Trail Feasibility Study was prepared for the City of Moorpark and presented to the City Council on June 18, 2003.  Its intent was to establish the most feasible short-term and long-term route of a multi-use pedestrian and bicycle trail along the Arroyo Simi Corridor in Moorpark.  For additional information on this study, please contact Joseph Fiss at 805-517-6226.