Street Maintenance

Maintenance & Improvement

The Street Maintenance Division, as part of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all city streets and rights of way and for administering related capital improvement projects, including graffiti removal. Division personnel perform minor street maintenance stenciling, roadside litter and weed removal, storm drain maintenance, and street sign installation as required to facilitate traffic flow and safety within the city. Major street repairs, street striping, street sweeping, and traffic signal maintenance are contracted to private firms, as is the design and construction of major street improvement projects. The Gas Tax fund, State Local Transportation fund, Traffic Safety fund, and Area of Contribution (AOC) funds support street maintenance and improvement projects.

Crossing Guards

The Public Works Department administers the Crossing Guard Program within the city. Currently, crossing guards are at two locations (Tierra Rejada Road / Mountain Meadow Drive and Los Angeles Avenue / Moorpark Avenue) on a part-time basis to help school children cross intersections. Crossing guard activities are coordinated by the Crossing Guard Supervisor. Developer fees support the cost of crossing guard services at one of the two locations, with vehicle fine revenues supporting the other location.

Parking Regulation Enforcement

The Public Works Department provides a portion of the manpower allocated to the enforcement of the city´s parking regulations. Parking enforcement is also provided by the city´s contract Police Service Center. Maintenance costs for the Radar Speed Display Trailer are also budgeted here.

Radar Speed Advisory Signs

The department is responsible for the maintenance of eight permanent radar speed feedback signs, plus the deployment of two trailer-mounted mobile speed feedback signs at selected locations.

Street Sweeping Parking Restrictions

All residential streets in the city have a twice a month, three hour per week parking prohibition to facilitate for street sweeping, as a NPDES requirement.