The Finance Department is charged with providing financial management, budgeting, accounting, cash management, revenue collection, payroll, fixed assets management, purchasing, and general administrative support services for the city and Redevelopment Agency.

Services provided through the finance and accounting functions include the maintenance of reliable accounting records, payment of approved demands against the city treasury, financial statement reporting, preparation of the annual budget with the city manager, prudent fiscal planning, payroll and payroll reporting, and debt administration.

Internal Audits
Internal controls are established and maintained to ensure that the assets of the city are protected from loss, theft or misuse and to ensure that adequate accounting data allows for the preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. Internal controls are evaluated to determine that the cost does not exceed the benefits likely to be derived.

Cash Management
The cash management function is responsible for the prudent investment of surplus funds. The city’s Investment Policy directs the investment of city and Redevelopment Agency monies with the following priorities established: preservation and safety of principal, liquidity necessary to meet daily cash flow requirements and maximized yield after the first two priorities are met. The Investment Policy is reviewed annually and is submitted to the City Council for approval.

Administrative Support
The administrative support function covers a wide range of activities that include office equipment maintenance, mail processing and office supplies procurement.