Moorpark Orchard

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Moorpark Train Station North Parking Lot Public Art Project

Title: "Moorpark Orchard"
Artist: Eric Powell
Location: 300 E High Street


The Moorpark Train Station North Parking Lot Public Art project is the City’s newest Art In Public Places (AIPP) project.  The AIPP program requires certain residential, commercial, and industrial development projects to either install public artwork or pay an in-lieu fee.  In-lieu fees are collected for use exclusively for the AIPP program. This project brings a new permanent art installation to High Street that will establish a formal pedestrian entry to the Moorpark train station and add cultural interest to the downtown area.


Eric Powell Final Design Drawings

“Moorpark Orchard” is comprised of eight unique tree-like sculptures, each with its own character and sensibility.  On each tree ‘grows’ fruit common to Moorpark’s farms such as apricots, oranges, and other produce, as well as industrial elements related to the site’s heritage such as train wheels, tracks, railroad spikes, and tools. Additional historically significant imagery like the egg and the apricot blossom can also be found incorporated into the designs of individual trees.  By interweaving natural and human elements, the trees celebrate Moorpark’s agricultural and industrial heritage and their inter-relationship in an uplifting and universally appealing way.

The trees themselves are inspired by the “tree of life,” a concept common to all cultures.  Each sculpture is constructed of steel and stands approximately ten feet tall.  The steel is treated to evoke a weathered, industrial feel, with elements of each tree painted to draw attention, enhance and enliven the installations. The sculptures will flank the walkway connecting the train station to High Street, creating an “orchard” to inspire visitors as they enter and leave the train station.

See the Moorpark Orchard Project Gallery at the bottom of the page for more project images.

Artist Eric Powell with mockup showing scale
Artist Eric Powell with
sculpture silhouette


Eric Powell lives and works in Berkeley, CA, and brings an extensive public art background to this project.  His resume spans three decades and well over 30 large-scale public art installations throughout California and the western United States.  Eric works primarily with steel, frequently integrating collected historical steel and iron objects into his pieces.  He works on both commissioned private works and public art projects, and is known for his large works of art that relate strongly to site and architecture. For more information about Eric Powell, visit


Artwork budget: $175,000
Total project budget (including artwork): $200,000
Funding provided entirely from the Art In Public Places fund. 


Artwork fabrication is currently underway.  Installation anticipated in late spring/early summer 2023.

Moorpark Orchard Project Gallery

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Senior Management Analyst
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