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1. Do I need a license to start a home-based business?
2. How can I find out about current or new residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the city?
3. Whom do I contact if I want to purchase a home in the project located north of Moorpark College?
4. Whom do I contact if I would like to start a business in the new commercial center at New Los Angeles Avenue and Miller Parkway?
5. How can I find a particular project’s timeframe for completion?
6. I want to add a room on to my home. How do I get started?
7. I am having major construction done on my home and need to schedule an inspection. Whom should I call?
8. My neighbor has a lot of grading being done on his property and I’m not sure it’s legal. How do I find out?
9. How do I find out about zoning regulations on my property?
10. What are the required setbacks for a home from the property line?
11. Where is a second dwelling unit allowed and what is the maximum allowable size?