Code Compliance Statistics

The City's Code Compliance Division tracks several metrics related to our work in order to evaluate and improve the Code Compliance program. These statistics are compiled and updated on a quarterly basis.

Please email Code Compliance staff at if you have any questions.

Quarterly Code Compliance Metric Report

Q4 October-December 2019

As of 12/31/2019

Formal Cases  Q4 2019OctoberNovemberDecemberTotalAverage
Formal Cases Opened119103010
Number of FC closed through voluntary compliance1068248
Percentage of FC closed90.91%66.67%80.00% 80.00%
Average case time (closed cases, length of time in days between complaint rec’d and case closed)11.2115.310.4
Recidivism (FC with case history at same address within 3 years)12472.333333

Informal Cases Q4 2019OctoberNovemberDecemberTotalAverage
Informal Cases/Investigations Opened1514124113.66667
Number of IC closed through voluntary compliance161093511.66667
Percentage of IC closed106.67%71.43%75.00% 85.37%