Frequently Asked Questions - Join the Conversation!


Moorpark Veterans Memorial

What is the issue?

The City of Moorpark prides itself on keeping our City safe, clean, and well-maintained, protecting our local property values and quality of life. Unfortunately, like many other California cities, the cost of providing these services continues to rise, threatening our ability to maintain our public safety, parks, and other essential services.  

Moorpark Police Station

How does this impact public safety?

We know that quick 911 response times are critical to saving lives in an emergency. If we want to keep Moorpark a safe community, we must ensure that we have enough officers to respond quickly in the event of a 911 call - day or night.

However, police and emergency response costs are beginning to rise. Additionally, in the next few years, the city will need to secure 400,000 additional dollars each year just to maintain public safety personnel and programs we currently have. Without additional funds, it will be difficult to maintain the same level of police and emergency response services that our residents expect and deserve.

Parks - Playground

What about our parks?

Moorpark’s 19 parks are well-loved and well-used; and our residents have said they should be better maintained. Unfortunately, the funds set aside for our parks have not risen in decades, while basic maintenance costs have significantly increased.

Street Paving

What priorities has the community identified?

We want to thank any resident who gave us their input in the City's recent community survey.  Priorities we have heard to date include:

  • Providing quick responses to 9-1-1 emergencies
  • Keeping parks, public areas, and landscapes clean and well-maintained
  • Fixing streets and repairing potholes
  • Preventing cuts to public safety
  • Reducing gang activity and drug-related crimes
  • Providing law enforcement services including neighborhood patrols, crime prevention, and investigations
  • Keeping all local city parks open
  • Implementing traffic mitigation measures designed to calm and reduce traffic congestion

Moorpark City Hall

Has the City been fiscally responsible?

The City has diligently kept costs low over the past decade, delayed maintenance, reduced the number of staff, kept our public safety costs among the lowest per capita in Ventura County, and through diligent budgeting has avoided the pension debt issues facing other communities. However, the City must be able to keep up with basic repairs and maintenance to public facilities, parks, streets, and sidewalks. These repairs will only become more expensive in the future.

Single-Family Homes

How can I provide input myself?

We want to hear from you! Join the conversation by completing an online community survey. Your input will continue to be used into the future as part of our community-responsive budgets and strategic policy planning.  So please #TellMeMoor!