Animal Regulations

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Animal Waste

The city encourages, when walking your dog, that you have a wrapper, bag, or container for cleanup and removal of animal waste. All dog defecation must be removed immediately and disposed of properly in a trash receptacle. If you don’t have a bag, try the Mutt Mitt dispensers in our parks, provided by the city.

Mutt Mitt Program

This program is designed to assist the dog-walking public in cleaning up after their pets. Mutt Mitts are available at:

  • Arroyo Vista Community Park
  • Campus Canyon Park
  • College View Park
  • Country Trail Park
  • Glenwood Park
  • Miller Park
  • Monte Vista Nature Park
  • Mountain Meadows Park
  • Peach Hill Park
  • Poindexter Park
  • Tierra Rejada Park
  • Virginia Colony Park
  • The buffer zone at the west end of Shadyridge
  • The greenbelt between the Traditions Condominiums

Animal Licensing

For dog and cat licenses, or spaying and neutering, call your veterinarian (most vets sell dog and cat licenses) or the Ventura County Animal Regulation Department at 805-388-4341. Dogs and cats must have licenses in Moorpark. Dog and cat licenses are available at:

Online:  Purchase or renew your pets’ license by visiting  This easy-to-use online licensing service provides a quick and seamless way to license your pet from the comfort of your own home.

Over The Phone:  To license over the phone, please call 1-877-239-6072.

U.S. Mail:  To license by mail, simply mail a copy of your pet’s current rabies certificate and any other applicable documentation, along with your check payable to:

      15 Technology Place, Suite 1
      East Syracuse, NY 13057

In person at: 

Cat Licensing

The County of Ventura is moving towards a mandatory cat licensing program. Although this program is not yet a requirement in most areas, it really does make sense for the following reasons:

  • It is a proven fact that licensed animals are far more likely to be reclaimed to their owners than unlicensed animals. Only 4% of all impounded cats are reclaimed. This number would be greatly increased if cats wore license tags.
  • Cats are more likely to be exposed to rabies than other domestic animals because of their higher instance of interaction with wildlife. Due to licenses requiring a rabies vaccination, your participation decreases the likelihood of a rabies outbreak. You may have already vaccinated your cat, and the annual license will document your vaccine and prompt you when it is outdated.
  • Shelter reclaim fees are lower for licensed animals than those for unlicensed.
  • Mandatory cat licensing will mean fewer cats destroyed each year. Since more cats will be returned to owners because of identification, fewer cats will remain unclaimed.
  • Licenses are proof of valid rabies vaccination. Since rabies is more likely to be transmitted to an outdoor cat than a dog, it is an important factor to consider.
  • Only 4 out of 100 of cats (compared to over 30% of dogs) are reclaimed by their owners each year. If your cat is wearing a current license tag, it is almost certain that we can reunite you with your pet.

Cat licenses are mandatory for all cats in the cities of Moorpark and Oxnard. Cat licenses are voluntary, and encouraged, in all other cities.

Leash Laws

Dogs must be leashed at all times on any public property in Moorpark, including sidewalks, parks, and trails. The City of Moorpark now enforces the Moorpark Animal Control Ordinance, which includes nuisance barking, stray or loose dogs, and leash law enforcement.

Homes in most neighborhoods may have no more than four domestic animals per parcel. For service or to make a complaint, call 805-517-6267.

Wildlife Alert

Coyotes, bobcats, skunks, even mountain lions and bears live with us in and near Moorpark. Make sure to be wildlife cautious. For more information, contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at 858-467-4201. Small injured wild animals such as birds can be taken to Wildlife Care of Ventura County. Call 805-581-3911 for more information.