First Time Home Buyer Program

The City of Moorpark's First Time Home Buyer Program assists very-low, low, and moderate income households purchase homes for the first time. There are 100 homes in Moorpark that are designated for this Program, and they are subject to affordability requirements and income restrictions. As homes become available, the City takes the following steps to select potential buyers for the homes.

If you would like to be added to our list of interested parties and be notified of future workshops by EMAIL, please click Housing (click here), and provide your name and telephone number.

Workshop notifications are made by email ONLY.

Step 1 - Watch the First Time Home Buyer Workshop Video

The City of Moorpark is proud to present our virtual First Time Home Buyer Workshop. Largely due to COVID-19, we have changed the previous in-person workshop to a virtual workshop to allow the public to gather the information from the safety and comfort of their home, office - or really anywhere. The links below will take you to a video which outlines the most important information about participation in the Program, qualification for loan and the restrictions that apply to homes in the Program. The virtual workshop currently replaces the in-person workshop the City traditionally hosted, but otherwise will include all of the same information.

Step 2 - Complete a Post Workshop Quiz

The quiz does not automatically generate a certificate, it will be emailed to you within 60 days after completing a successful quiz. If you fail to pass the quiz with a score of 80% or greater, you will need to open a new quiz window and start from the beginning. Scores are provided immediately after the quiz responses. If you have issues with the quiz, please contact us at

Step 3 - Receive Workshop Certificate

Once you successfully complete the workshop and quiz (score 80% or more), we will email you a certificate indicating that you are pre-qualified to apply for available homes in the Program. The certificate is valid for up to one-year from the date of issuance or until the Program and/or workshop is updated; after that, the orientation workshop will need to be re-taken. It is the responsibility of applicants to maintain a valid certification.

Click here for any available unit(s) for sale. If you have an up-to-date certificate, you will also receive an opportunity to apply via email.  

Step 4 - Apply 

When a home in the Program becomes available for purchase, the City will send out notifications to anyone on our interest list with a certificate to apply for a home. Applications will only be made available to participants that have completed a workshop and received an up-to-date certificate. Applications will be emailed to those that have completed Steps 1-3 above. To apply, you must also pay a non-refundable $50 application fee. The application will require that you provide a loan pre-qualification letter, income supporting documents, tax records and other details about your household's size and income. Specific application details will be provided with the application materials.

Step 5 - Lottery

Once the application period for a home(s) closes, usually within 30 days of the initial notifications, the City will ensure that applications are complete and meet the basic requirements for the home(s) available at the time. This may take several weeks to complete. Following review of all applications, the City will hold a lottery to place applicants in order of their ability to buy a home. Three lottery drawings are held; giving first priority to those living in Moorpark, second priority to those working in Moorpark, and third priority to all other applicants.

Step 6 - Sales Agreement and Mortgage Qualification 

Once a lottery list is assembled, those at the top of the list will have the first opportunity to buy a home. The potential buyer will need to complete one pre-purchase educational class before they can complete the purchase of the home.  This can take 2-6 months, depending on the specific home, the mortgage market, and the agreement between the buyer and seller. Once the purchasing process nears closing, the City will require that the buyer and seller complete certain documents to comply with the program.

Step 7 - Move-in

Once the property closes escrow, the buyer will move into the home. The program requires that the buyer complete certain educational requirements post-purchase and complete occasional compliance verification with the City.

General Requirements of the Program

The most important qualification for the Program is the specific income limits for a particular unit. When a unit becomes available, the income limitations will be posted as very low, low, or moderate. Applicants must attend a mandatory workshop and must not have owned a home, mobile home, townhouse, condominium, or been on title for any property (such as being a co-signer) for the last seven (7) years. Applicants must have good credit and be financially prepared to purchase a home. Preference is given to Moorpark residents and persons working in Moorpark. Applications will be given to participants that complete a workshop and have an up-to-date certificate for completing a workshop quiz. The pre-screening application will determine if a buyer is eligible to participate in the next lottery. Income limits and deed restrictions will apply. A $50 non-refundable application fee is required.

Income Eligibility Limits

Listed below are the 2023 annual income eligibility limits for acutely low, extremely low, very low, low, and moderate income families:

 Income Level 

1 Person Household

2 Person Household

3 Person Household

4 Person Household

5 Person Household

Acutely Low Income

Up to $13,000Up to $14,850Up to $16,700Up to $18,500Up to $20,050

Extremely Low Income

$13,001 to $27,900$14,851 to $31,900$16,701 to $35,900$18,501 to $39,850$20,051 to $43,050

Very Low Income 

$27,901 to $46,500

 $31,901 to $53,150

$35,901 to $59,800

$39,851 to $66,400

$43,051 to $71,750

     Low Income         

$46,501 to $74,400

$53,151 to $85,000

$59,801 to $95,650

$66,401 to $106,250

$71,751 to $114,750

Moderate Income 

$74,401 to $103,750

$85,001 to $118,550

$95,651 to $133,400

$106,251 to $148,200

$114,751 to $160,050

Sources: 2023 HCD State Income Limits - The annual income limits table is updated based on release of the HCD State Income Limits. Income limits are typically released and published in late spring or early summer each year. Until HCD updates such data, use of the existing limits table is used. *HUD Income Inclusions and Exclusions guide for determining income and allowances (24 CFR 5.609). 

First Time Home Buyer Program Policy CD-21:

Periodically, the City will make available for sale one or more attached or detached dwelling units to very low, low, or moderate income persons/households as further defined below, as part of its First Time Home Buyer Affordable Housing Program (Program).  This policy sets forth the primary criteria for eligibility for participation in said Program and determining priority for participant selection.

Policy CD-21 (English)

Politica CD-21 (Español)

First Time Home Buyer Program List of Documentation

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If you would like to be added to our list of interested parties and be notified of future workshops by EMAIL, please click Housing (click here), and provide your name and telephone number.

Workshop notifications are made by email ONLY.

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