tiny art show annual

2022 Tiny Story Contest Winners

In 2022 we added a twist to our Tiny Art Show. Patrons chose a mini-masterpiece from the Moorpark Tiny Art Show that inspired them and wrote a short story of 100 words or less. Below are the winning stories.

The Library reserves the right to exclude any works.

love bird nestLove Bird Nest

by Sharon Byrn 

Welcome to the wild west
Known for its zest.
Here you find only the best
builders for your treasury chest;
or maybe your builders request
is for a simple "love bird nest."
Competition would suggest
that our manifest
won the best hope chest.
After a day of beauty rest
and some time to invest;
you see our heart shaped request
took winners screen test;
here at the builders fun fest!

Love Bird Nest
Sharon Byrn

toad story

Toad's Toadstool Tuesday


Toad was a simple frog and enjoyed the simple things in life. One of those being Tuesday. Tuesday was Toad's favorite day, the day he got to sit on his favorite toadstool and read his favorite book. 

What was his favorite book you might ask? Toad wasn't sure, to be honest. Maybe the one he read about dragons. No, no, he thought to himself. It was the one he read with you. For Toad was simple and liked simple things, and spending time with you was simple and easy to do... because you're you.

Just Another Toadstool Tuesday 
Olivia Warren